Why minimum order is 25KG?

From our business research we found most of the families buy rice in bulk (minimum 25KG) and this also helps us in further
reducing the prices.

What if you didn’t like the quality of rice?

Myrice.in only sells rice after testing the rice. However if you still didnt like the rice you can report us the incident
with in a week and we will plan for the replacement. Our customers satisfaction is more important for us and we are committed towards the same.

How can you place the order?

You can place your order on www.myrice.in or you can call or whatsapp on 8333 008 008.

What is raw rice, steam rice and new rice?

Immediately after the rice harvest the rice grains contain moisture content in them due to which the new rice when cooked will be sticky.

Raw Rice : The new rice harvest is stored for one year. Untouched for one year the moisture in the rice is lost naturally and the rice is crunchy.
The raw rice is most prefered by majority of the people in their diet.

Steam Rice : The new rice harvest is processed by heat to remove the moisture from the rice. Steam rice is preferred for any
gatherings and majortiy of the food joints use steam rice.

The rice is well cooked when the moisture in the rice is less and it is irrespective of how the moisture is removed.

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MyRice.in is the first online portal selling rice at the wholesale price. MyRice.in is started by two software professionals and we are based out of Hyderabad.

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