About Us

Who are we?

MyRice.in is the first online portal selling rice at the wholesale price. MyRice.in is started by two software professionals and we are based out of Hyderabad.We are one among many for whom buying rice is always a nightmare. We never know how rice is bought, which quality to look for and the right price for it. If you are one among many, like us,  MyRice.in is the perfect place to buy rice. We made buying rice simple through MyRice.in.

MyRice.in team is really excited to provide this service.

This service helps you do hassle free rice shopping online from the comfort of your home/office.
Rice sold on MyRice.in is thoroughly tested before sale and quality is our guaranteed.

Our Vision.

We are here to redefine the way rice is bought in Hyderabad and Our purpose is to provide Quality Rice  at Best Price.

MyRice.in is committed to further bring down the prices going forward.

What you gain shopping here?

  • Unmatched price (rice at wholesale price).
  • High Quality guaranteed.
  • Free Home Delivery in a day if ordered before 2:00PM.
  • Rice delivered is tested for texture, aroma and quality.

How are such low prices possible?

MyRice.in procures the rice directly from the millers, eliminating the middle men thus eliminating their commissions.